7 Beautiful Shower Doors You Need To See Right Now

Frameless Shower Doors   •   September 21, 2017

Shopping for a new shower door and/or replacing an old one can often be a cumbersome process.

To help ease the process and provide some inspiration before you buy your next shower door, below are seven beautiful types of shower doors (not in any particular order) that you must see.

1. Pivot shower doors

Also called swinging or hinge doors, the pivot shower door provides a clean and sophisticated look. Each door has two pivot points located at the top and bottom of the shower door that allow it to swing outward.

2. Sliding shower doors

Want the beauty of the glass, but don’t have the room for a swinging door? Sliding glass doors are your answer. They are typically chosen as a space saving solution for much larger showers and baths.

3. Hinged shower doors

Offering the widest opening of any shower door, the hinged shower door allows for maximum accessibility. Secured hinges are anchored to the side.

4. Quadrant shower doors

With an elegant curvature, quadrant shower doors usually slide from each side into the surround and by default offer the largest access.

5. No shower doors

The walk-in shower enclosure is the cleanest look a shower can offer. And if you’re worried about keeping the heat in, you can add heated flooring or a heat lamp.

6. In-swing shower doors

Need extra space? In-swing shower doors are a practical solution. Easy entry with minimal effort.

7. Pentagonal shower doors

A pentagonal shower enclosure offers a five-sided space that can be placed in any right angled bathroom corner. It allows for numerous door options.

The look and feel of your bathroom space should be something that you enjoy planning out; so, if you need ideas of what you want or still need some advice from professionals in your area, use the shower door locator program to see who’s around.

Happy shower door shopping!

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